WOD on Water 

This is a UK first, mixed pairs competition combining swimming and CrossFit. Expect to swim in each and every workout along side exercises involving dumbbells, medicine balls, atlas balls and bikes, rowers and ski ergs. >> More Info

// Saturday 18th August

// Stockport, Manchester

// Mixed Pairs (1 male & 1 female)


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BAttle of Britin Throwdown

The Battle of Britain Throwdown is a yearly individual athlete’s competition held each April in Birmingham. Coming  into its 5th year we aim to program great WODs that truly test the athlete’s full range of abilities and bring the community together for an awesome day.

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WOD on water

Be a part of the UK’s first swimming based CrossFit competition. The competition will involve CrossFit workouts with swimming on or maybe under the water in each and every workout. This competition will be a true test of your all round fitness.

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athletic Fitness Games

This brand new event is a true test of all round fitness - push, pull, lift, jump and run. This competition is accessible to all. Find out more here...


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B[ ]X Life Events official equipment supplier is Wolverson Fitness. Wolverson supply all of our events with the latest, high quality equipment for you to play with.

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